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Vivai Attilio Sonnoli begins his activity back in 1910, producing carnations and olive trees coltivated in ground. In ’60 the flowers production was replaced with ornamental plants. Contemporaneously, the owner Attilio Sonnoli begins a very long research in the olive tree field which it will bring Attilio to be the first olive grower to produce olive trees in pot off ground.
The passion for study and research for better plants encourages Attilio Sonnoli to select and to patent olive trees suitable to satisfy the demands of growers, using the best ways for production plus high quality, becoming a reference for Institutes of research, both domestic and international. Actually, the sons Alberto, Stefano and Elena have supported their father in the management of the nursery, having the same passion for plants, peculiarity that always earmark their job.

Depliant of 1947
Depliant of 1952

Vivai Attilio Sonnoli - Via Ferruccio Parri 74 - 51010 Uzzano (PT) Italy - Tel. +39-0572.451014 Fax 0572.509347 - P.Iva : 01454440478

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